Bernard Daoust, B.D.I., ADIQ – ACID


Following Industrial Design Studies in Montreal and Paris, I have been part of design teams here in Canada, then in Colorado, California and Italy. Co-founding a design firm along the way, and traveling the world to find the best partners for my design projects, I worked for major sporting good companies as well as start-ups. I am now flying on my own, convinced that teaming up with different experts for different projects is the best way to achieve great designs for my clients.

Integrating sketches, 3D software and Rapid Prototyping into a seamless process, I am recognized as an expert at complex design challenges. While fascinated by biomorphic shapes and the emotions they can trigger, my focus remains on meeting end-user criteria for style, comfort, functionality and safety.

I am also a specialist in Sports Helmet design. Having been commissioned to design them for many different sports, I am well seasoned with the numerous technical, fit and self-image challenges this special field requires. Six million of my Bauer 4500 Hockey Helmets have been sold so far and many design awards have been granted for my work in this field.

Throughout my career I’ve designed for major sporting goods companies such as Bauer / Nike, Burton Snowboards, Atomic, Brine Lacrosse, CCM / Reebok, Xenith, Tecnica and Easton, among others.


BAC, Industrial Design
Université de Montréal
Montréal, Québec – 1990

Studies in Industrial Design
École Nationale de Création Industrielle
Paris, France – 1989

Media, teaching and publications

Interview in Paramètre (Industrial Design trade magazine) issue 2014 

TV show « Le design est partout » on Art TV, episode 2 on Baseball and episode 3 on Camping – winter 2013

Workshop « The Archetypal Object »
Baccalaureat, École de design industriel, Université de Montréal, Québec 2000 – 2006

Incultured Space
Baccalaureat workshop on Urban Design, Design Art, Concordia University, Montréal, Québec – fall 2005

Conference « Globalisation Challenges for Industrial Designers »
Master’s Degree « Design and Complexity », Université de Montréal, Québec – winter 2004


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